Pneumatic control

the control and monitoring of an automated

or remote processing plant by means

of compressed air

Down dip

a term used where one well is below

another well due to inclination of the strata

in which the reservoir lies


a substance obtained incidentally during

the manufacture or production of some

other substance

Loss of returns

see lost circulation

Weather window

the part of the year when the weather can

normally be expected to be suitable for

carrying out offshore operations such as

pipeline laying or platform installation


measurement of the depth of liquid in a

storage tank by the use of a graduated

steel tape or rod

Back-up post

a fixed post, column or stanchion to

which the dead Pneumatic control end of the back-up line

is secured


a type of heat exchanger in which a cold

liquid or gas being fed to a process is preheated

utilizing one of the hot liquids or

gases leaving the process, or by steam

Thruster propeller

a small propeller mounted underneath a

floating structure or vessel to enable it to

change or maintain its position


the firm base rocks into which a structure

is anchored

Cap rock

an impervious layer of rocks (e g shale

or evaponte) which overlies a reservoir,

rock, thus preventing hydrocarbons from

escaping to the surface

Derrick floor

a raised dais at the base of the derrick

carrying the drilling table, sometimes

called the drilling or rig floor

Rig Pneumatic control floor/Drilling floor

see derrick floor


a high-level platform in the derrick on

which the derrick man works


the process whereby a pipeline expands

and becomes longer due to high

pressure or temperature variation of its

contents.and thus tends to shift its position

on the sea bed


a class of resins which swell when water

is added to them


a complex compound formed by the

polymerization of one or more monomers


the process whereby simple units containing

one or more molecules are joined

together to form complex molecules


a polymer formed by joining propylene

molecules together, an important plastic

Polyethylene (polythene)

a polymer formed by joining ethylene

molecules together, one of the most

important plastics

Semi Pneumatic control-submersible rig

a floating drilling platform that is supported

by underwater pontoons, generally

used for exploration purposes only


a hollow buoyancy tank used to

support a semi-submersible rig, barge or

other structure

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